Saturday, December 10, 2011

tis' the season for decor!

so after we finished putting up our christmas tree and all the decorations, we still had one empty wall left... after continuous brainstorming, and a little pinterest, we created this!

here's the how to!

-toilet paper tubes
-hot glue gun
-extra glue
-bunches of paper clips

1. collect collect collect! gather as many toilet paper tubes as possible, and store them in a safe place away from pets and the trash. i used 27 total. treat them like gold!

2. clean and cut. remove any extra shreds of toilet paper that are still glued on. then flatten the tube and using your ruler measure every 1/2inch and mark. i recommend marking high and low for easy cutting. and now cut!

3. get creative! now is when you get all fancy. start placing your petals all around in the shape you want and secure with paper clips so you can see your end picture before its final. i suggest starting out with a few 4 or 5 petal flowers and adding on to those. 

4. color time! and we paint! (optional: brown also looks great on a colored wall) choose a color, and spray paint away. (in the proper environment, of course!)

5. enjoy! once your paint dries, hang your masterpiece and bask in its glory!

don't worry, you can't mess up!

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